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is our passion

We develop, manufacture, and distribute automation solutions for a variety of applications.


KOENIG CompactLoader - Dynamic perfection

  • Double or single gripper arrangement
  • Workpiece changeover time under 3 s
  • Space requirement less than 6 m2
  • No tools required for set up / set up less than 180 s
  • Semiautomatic intuitive program teaching
  • Comfortable accessibility true the Automation to the machine
  • Dry parts, clean work place-> Clean Factory
  • Optimal integrated Conveyor System or Stacker Cell
  • User-friendly and smart engineered
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Durable and dependable
  • Swiss Quality


CompactLoader 2x160 HV

Ø 1-160 mm
length 1-400 mm
max. weight of workpiece 2x4 kg
Workpiece changeover time 4.5 s

CompactLoader 2x260

Ø 1-260 mm
length 1-400 mm
max. weight of workpiece 2x20 kg
Workpiece changeover time 3.5 s

CompactLoader 1x450

Ø 1-450 mm
length 1-600 mm
max. weight of workpiece 1x40 kg
Workpiece changeover time 6 s


Modular storage system

Conveyor System 260-3.2

workpiece Ø 1-260 mm
workpiece length 1-300 mm
workpiece weight 12 kg

Conveyor System 260S-3.2

workpiece Ø 1-260 mm
workpiece length 1-400 mm
workpiece weight 25 kg

Conveyor System 450S-4.2

workpiece Ø 450 mm
workpiece length 1-600 mm
workpiece weight 40 kg

Stacker cell

Container 400x600 mm
height of stack 1350 mm
weight of container 40 kg

Variational workpiece geometry available.
KOENIG conveyor systems are expandable, Integration of third-party conveyor systems available.





Technology is our passion

KOENIG Automation AG was founded in 1994 in the Zurich highlands. We develop, manufacture, and distribute automation solutions for a variety of applications.

Loaders and conveyors for the automation of production machines are our core business.
We supply high-quality, innovative products. These are designed for use in harsh industrial environments in multiple-shift operation.

Our customers include renowned engineering companies and numerous automobile manufacturers, as well as their suppliers.

Several hundred KOENIG automations are operating reliably around the globe, with a large share currently in Asia.

Our guiding principle:

Einfachheit ist die höchste Stufe der Vollendung

Simplicity is the ultimate perfection


Leonardo da Vinci